Compost Tea

Compost Tea

Professionally brewed Compost Tea is a liquid extract of compost, containing nutrients, beneficial microorganisms and organic matter. Compost Tea is primarily used on lawns and ornamental plants. This non chemical application assists in the break down of organic matter. It also assists in erosion control, drought tolerance, soil food web breakdown and helps resist diseases like black spot and powdery mildew. Compost Tea helps build a healthy and safe living environment. It can be applied to turf, planting beds, flower pots, trees and shrubs, and vegetable gardens. Applications are recommended throughout the growing season and a diagnosis of plant issues are recommended. We offer organic lawn and garden products as well.


We work with the individual needs of the property owner to create an irrigation system that is fully to partially automatic and user friendly. Systems are designed specifically to accommodate soil types, terrain aspects, slopes, special plant needs, vandalism and high wind areas. We use a variety of components to accommodate any site condition. A properly designed and installed irrigation system will decrease maintenance, conserve and manage water, and protect the environment from damaging run off.

Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage lighting provides a safe and energy efficient method of illuminating paths, driveways or feature enhancements while reducing light pollution without jeopardizing security. Transformers reduce standard 120 volts to a safe 12 volts. There is no risk to children or pets if the cable is accidentally cut. Low voltage systems are also flexible and can be easily moved to accommodate plant growth or to change lighting effects. An automated photo-cell option can also be added which will turn your lights on/off according to outside light levels.

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